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For Takumi-kun series fans like me...
The 3rd movie had been made and will start show in Japan on Jan 30;2010!

*Based on manga "Takumi-kun Vol 6: JEALOUSY"

Takumikun chapter of manga #6

All casts for this movies are dominated by the members of Tenimyuu (=Tenimyuu Musical)!
2 main cast still taken by Watanabe Daisuka + Hamao Kyousuke. Of course, the pillar of Takumi-kun => Takiguchi Yukihiro will still participate on this new movie as Akaike Shouzo. Even Saitou Yasuka will come back but in new roles; Nozawa *in manga ver,he's the dorm head of 2nd year students*
Others casts will play new characters such as...
# Baba Ryouma ... Misu Arata *YATTA! Misu-kun! By Ryouma, awesome!!*
# Acaba Mio .... Katakura Toshihisa *the image now is so different from the 1st one*
# Kawasumi Bisshin ... Shingyouji Kanemitsu *Misu's love interest! Ha3 Zaizen Hikaru with Tezuka?!*

Takumikun movie 3 pics 01
Takumi hug Gii from the back (Takumi 3)
Takumikun movie 3 pics 01

Takumikun movie 3 pics 02
Takumikun movie 3 pics 02
Takumi confused sorrounded by friends: Akaike,Misu,Shingyouji

*pics credit to Takumi 3 Official site

Theme song: "the otherside"... but this time sings by GOMU

Taken from the manga's story.. Takumi and Gii are in 3rd year now. Takumi got Misu Arata as his roomate. Gii got a room for himself as the dorm-head of 3rd year students. But coz of certain circumstances, Gii ask Takumi for not act too close with him like usual lovers without giving any explanations. For the result, Takumi's sickness that scared of touching others is come back.


Ja, ima wa... let's waiting for the movie. Honestly, i have no patient to wait for it!!

P.S: Seeing my thread also about this movie in aarinfantasy (http://aarinfantasy.com/forum/f221/t122240-takumi-kun-series-3-a.html). Please sign 'thanks' button if you got there. Arigatou ^^


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Jul. 16th, 2010 06:36 pm (UTC)
Yeaah so happy!! I found torrent link for this movie. Kyaaa! Yatto mi~tsuketa! >.< Well since my net's condition is slow recently...hmm..i have to be patient for watch it 2~3 days later
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